24/7 Response


BSCC has managed a human trafficking hotline since 2004 and became a partner with the San Diego Human Trafficking Task Force (SDHTTF) in 2017, thereby becoming a first-responder utilizing information from the hotline and taskforce.

BSCC’s hotline receives, on average, a range between 30 to 45 calls per month seeking assistance. We have received requests across the United States, and to the best of our ability have assisted with referrals addressing housing and other emergent needs. We have noted in recent months a 20% increase in referrals from medical personnel suspecting human trafficking among their walk-in or emergency patients. The majority of patients identified have been under the influence of powerful street drugs, often combined with Fentanyl.

If you need help or know someone needs help please call our hotline 619-666-2757