Our Story


BSCC has been a pioneer in the fight against human trafficking for the past 19 years and has a strong programmatic footprint in the San Diego County-Tijuana region.  BSCC is a non-profit organization—comprised of a network of over 120 government and non-profit agencies in the United States and Latin America (making BSCC a bi-national organization)—that works bilaterally to combat human trafficking along the U.S.-Mexican border region.

Established as a volunteer coalition in 1997, BSCC was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) in 2002. BSCC coordinates access to services through its member organizations, provides training and technical assistance to other organizations and agencies, and works to increase awareness of labor, sex trafficking, and the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

BSCC and the coalition is continuously on top of new trafficking trends (i.e., red flags) and responds to the evolving these trends by strengthening their community partnerships to augment services, actively adapting to the increased needs of clients.

During the past nine years, BSCC has assessed over 10,000 human trafficking victim referrals in San Diego County and provided comprehensive wraparound services (2005-2021) to over 2,500 human trafficking survivors. Of the domestic survivors identified from 2008-2014, 117 were sex trafficking survivors (including five minors).

Since 2005, the 91 international survivors served by BSCC include ten men, 65 women, five juvenile males, and six juvenile females. These individuals took part in BSCC’s unique transitioning model called “Victim to Survivor to Thriver” that ensures positive social and community reintegration for survivors.