Awareness & Advocacy

Victim Advocacy

BSCC victim Advocates can assist with explaining victim’s rights, assist with restitution applications and accessing victim support services, as well as communicate with prosecution.

Public Awareness

Reach Coalition: BSCC, North County Lifeline and other partners are working with Bottom Line Marketing Company to develop a public awareness campaign. Our campaign focuses on promoting online safety awareness for parents and youth, and promote awareness for how minors can be recruited on social media platforms. 

Voice of La Jolla: BSCC Executive Director was interviewed on the radio to build awareness for a young woman in her 20s. Our notice to the public assisted in retrieving the young woman and reuniting her with family; this is now the second young woman that has benefited from Voice of La Jolla providing voice to vulnerability.

NBC Stolen: BSCC participated in the development of a mini-documentary series created by NBC San Diego. BSCC’s Executive Director addressed community vulnerability, preventing human trafficking, and some of the areas of need within the nonprofit community to increase victim services. Local colleges and universities, and nonprofits have continued to develop viewing events featuring STOLEN, including expert panels for the general public to learn more on human trafficking occurring in San Diego county. 

CSEC County meetings: BSCC continues to focus on prevention and early interventions addressing exploitation of youth (i.e., CSEC). We have also continued to advocate across the county on how intersectional vulnerability and human trafficking intersect, and the underreporting of labor trafficking cases.

Safe Shelter Collaborative: We have been active with the Collaborative attending meetings for the past 10 months. BSCC is actively conducting outreach at these meetings and has assisted nonprofits in accessing services. We consider this initiative an ongoing work inprogress for promoting awareness on gaps in services and intensified need for housing availability in Southern California.

BSCC Campaign - Looking at Labor: In addition to developing a campaign with the REACH Coalition, BSCC has developed a separate campaign focusing on demand and promoting human trafficking awareness. We estimate based on work completed to launch the campaign on our website in Fall 2021. The campaign will be readily available and viewable on BSCC’s homepage. 

Human Trafficking Awareness - BSCC Interns:
For the past 5 years, BSCC has provided internship opportunities to college and high school students to learn more about how nonprofits work and BSCC’s advocacy on human trafficking.